Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz) meets and befriends Hugo in a train station in Paris while he is fleeing from the Station Inspector. The two quickly become close friends, and Isabelle accompanies Hugo through much of his adventure. She stole a key in the shape of a heart from her godmother and is used to make the automaton work again. They both steal things even though Isabelle always gets Hugo in trouble and Isabelle is Georges Méliès's goddaughter. She later becomes Hugo's big sister when Georges adopts him.

Isabelle appeared in both the original and alternative versions of the 2011 film Hugo, where in the latter version, she has three pets, which include Slushy, Richter, and Sparky. She is also among the few people besides Hugo who actually believes one of Hugo's three experiment pets, Splodyhead, is innocent. In fact, she feels so bad for Splodyhead, that she decides to become his lawyer.

Name: Isabelle (Méliès)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hair Colour: Blond-brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Family: Hugo Cabret (adoptive brother), Georges Méliès (godfather), Mama Jeanne (godmother), Slushy, Richter, Sparky, Yaarp, Slugger, and Splodyhead (pets; alternative version only)
Race: Caucasian
Hometown: Paris, France
Isabelle 01

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