Hugo's father 01
Hugo's father or Archibald Cabret (Jude Law) has a very warm and loving relationship with his son, and it is he who gifts Hugo with the Automaton. Tragically, Hugo's father dies in a fire leaving him in the care of his Uncle Claude. A possible brother or brother in law.

In the alternative version of the 2011 film Hugo, it is revealed that the museum fire that led him to his death was accidentally caused by one of Hugo's three experiment pets, Splodyhead, who was just trying to rescue him. The rest of the film shows Hugo attempting to protect Splodyhead and prove the experiment's innocence with the help of a few people who believe Splodyhead is innocent, including Isabelle.

Name: Archibald Cabret
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Light blue
Born: 1892 or 1891
Death: 1931 or 1930
Race: Caucasian
Hometown: Paris, France

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