Uncle Claude 01
Uncle Claude is Hugo's uncle. In the original version of the 2011 film Hugo, he is the relative Hugo must go and stay with after the untimely death of his father. Unfortunately, Claude himself dies shortly thereafter, leaving Hugo to fend for himself on the streets of Paris. The same role he had in the original version was expanded in the alternative version, as he informs Hugo that he believes one of his three experiment pets, Splodyhead, is innocent.

Claude was known to have a drinking problem, in his first scene he was seen entering Hugo's house, slurring his words and stumbling. He is also seen stealing what looks like jewellery from the house. However, despite this, as shown in the alternative version, he is actually kind and friendly. He is also one of a few people besides his nephew who actually believes Splodyhead didn't murder Hugo's father on purpose and is rather innocent, and that's why he warned Hugo to never let Splodyhead roam around Paris by himself, because if he did, Splodyhead might get caught by those who are after him, especially the police.

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